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APRS Software

There are several PC based APRS software packages available for use on your computer.  These include WinAPRSŪ, APRS+SA (APRS plus Street Atlas), UI-View32 and several others.  UI-VIEW32 is the most popular APRS program at the current time.   It has lots of support through a whole host of "plug-ins" for the application.  The APRS+SA is an APRS software module that uses the DeLorme Street Atlas maps (versions 4.0 through 9.0) for display of positions.  Both of these packages are available for download on the internet and can be used with no registration.  However, none of the program settings can be saved without registering your copy.  Normal registration fees for both of these popular programs is $60.  APRS+SA allows for discounting the registration for club registrations with a minimum number of copies.