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The most commonly used software for APRS is the APRS+SA Program written by Brent Hildebrand, KH2Z.

While documentation for the program generally is lacking, Peter Markham, WA4HEI, has provided a good very compilation of APRS+SA information.  Peter's documentation can be viewed by clicking:  APRS+SAhelp.PDF

National Weather Service (NWS) shape files

As of 04/23/04 the current shape files are:

County Shapes c_18nv03.zip
Zone Shapes z_24nr04.zip
Marine & Costal Zones mz30de04.zip

The NWS site where new versions are posted is http://www.nws.noaa.gov/geodata/

Once you download the shape files to your PC, unzip the files and place all the extracted files in the "NWS" subdirectory of your APRS+SA installation.

Next you must modify the APRS+SA 'settings.ini' file to indicate the correct shape file names.  (Each new version of the shape files issued by NWS will have a new name.)  Make sure APRS+SA is not running and then open 'settings.ini' using Notepad.  Correct the three tag entries, "Codefile", "Zonefile", "Marinefile", to match the downloaded names with no file extension.

After saving the modified settings.ini file, then load APRS+SA.  Click the NWS tab.  Then in the "Menu" pull-down, check "Monitor NWS Data" and also "Use Shapefiles".  Now as NWS products are received they will show on the Street Atlas map.